AboutForming in 2008, LaJune coined the term “Fusion Metal” with their eclectic mix of styles from country, gospel, rock and metal music genres “fusing” for a unique sound. Because of their ability to play both acoustically and with full electronic stage performances, they quickly became one of the preferred performers on the Nashville songwriter’s nights. Their first album, “Edge of Insanity” features nostalgic song lyrics from their backgrounds ranging from political to personal experiences including “Already Gone” about someone escaping physical and mental abuse and being the sole survivor.

Gracing the cover of several Nashville magazines, LaJune proves over and over again, they can still rock with the best of them. Entertaining audiences for a decade, they’re known for high energy, precision sounds, and an entertaining performance which is rare in this genre of music.

AprilVocals, keyboard, harmonica, guitar, bass – growing up in a family of musicians, April began singing with her family for church and in the church choir. During her school years, she participated in both band and choir taking her vocals to the next level to perform in the Ozark Opry in Lake Ozark, Missouri.

Next, she started her own band with members of the Ozark Opry where they took rock songs and used fiddles and added them to the mix which was a hit making them one of the highest paid local bands at the Lake of the Ozarks.

After winning several Colgate County Showdowns throughout the MidWest, she began looking for people who could bring heavier tones to country music eventually settling on the sound LaJune has today. This is where she met her husband Tim and also her drummer, Tom.

Along with her husband, they are continuing the heavy sounds of Fusion Metal and plan to record two new albums in 2018 featuring some of the songs which influenced their music.


TimLead Guitar, backing vocals – from upstate New York, Tim began playing guitar touring the state with his band playing mostly metal covers. Influenced by Metallica and Black Sabbath, his heavy tones brought the deep sound to the music which April was looking for in the music.

Moving to Nashville, the country influence brought out more of his acoustic side and playing at writer’s nights proved he could jam with the best of musicians in many different genres even playing on stage with some great music legends like Dan Schaefer at Jesse Zanes.

During the making of “Edge of Insanity,” Tim uses several different guitars including a scalloped fret Fender similar to the one used by Yngwie Malmsteen on the song “Affectionate Illusion” – the only song on the entire album dealing with relationship issues between couples. As the lead guitarist, there are several unique solos within the songs which were written by Tim and April.

TomPercussion, backing vocals – Meeting in Nashville, Tom was the fill-in drummer when LaJune’s original percussionist was sick. Proving his ability in about 5 minutes into  a live set, April and Tim decided this was the perfect drummer for their project. With heavy drum beats and an energetic performance, their live show became even more high powered and high energy.

With 60hrz sweeps and the tribal drums, Tom gave the album “Edge of Insanity” the kick it needed to make each song give listeners the intensity the vocals, lyrics and guitar were looking for. As a member of the band since 2008, the audience can experience a higher level of intensity during live performances of LaJune.